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Treatment & Massage Cabinet

In the interest of the safety of our guests, we follow all procedures regarding COVID-19 (disinfection, disposable items) 

Therefore, the prices of our services during the epidemic have changed. You should add 10% to each price from the price list.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome.


Fabulous massage 220 PLN
Classic massage (full body) 130 PLN
Relaxing massage 180 PLN
Sliming massage 230 PLN
Sport massage 180 PLN
Hot stones massage 250 PLN
Hot shea massage 220 PLN
Pregnancy massage 230 PLN
Coconut ol massage 180 PLN


Ginger Special of Spa 180 PLN
Cleansing Aroma Peeling (full body) 130 PLN
Pelling massage 250 PLN



Aroma face massage, neck and neckline 90 PLN
Hydro Balance 140 PLN
Vital Balance 180 PLN
Stress Balace 200 PLN
Caviar Perfection 390 PLN
We follow all COVID-19 procedures (disinfection, disposable articles). Accordingly the prices of our service have changed. 10% should be added to each amount from the price list.Thank you for your understanding.

Please visit a Treatment & Massage Cabinet 5 minutes before the planned hour of treatment in order to fill in the Consultation Card.

More detailes:
tel.: +48 18 26 37 020

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