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Menu of Staropolska Restaurant


Menu Price
Grilled sheep cheese with asparagus and oyster 23,00 zł
Red pine mushroom in butter, garlic, pepper rols 29,00 zł
Fried prawns with mussels in white wine, herbal risotto,tomato, chili 36,00 zł


Menu Price
Grilled chicken in sesame, lettuce, orange, roasted seeds 25,00 zł
Vegetarian salad with mozzarella, tomato, aspargus, basil vinegret, grisini 25,00 zł


Menu Price
Beetroot soup prepared on leavening with kołdun dumplings 16,00 zł
Deer goulash soup, boletus, bison grass 24,00 zł


Menu Price
Traditional pork chop with bone fried on goose fat, with cabbage and mashrooms an potato casserole 36,00zł
Pork tenderloin, potato dumplings, crunch vegetables, roast garlic sauce 36,00zł


Menu Price
Vegetarian pasta with mushrooms, spinach and ricotta cheese 29,00 zł
Homemade dumplings to choose with: ( cabbage and mushrooms/ cottage cheese/ lambe meat )  26,00 zł


Menu Price
Trout with mussels, vegetable papardelle, baked paprika sauce, puree 41,00 zł
Sturgeon fried in butter with vegetable spaghetti spinach quishei in caviar sauce 49,00 zł


Menu Price
Cutlets of chicken with fries and carrots 16,00 zł
Spaghetti tomato 16,00 zł
Pancakes with cottage cheese and whipped cream 16,00 zł


Menu Price
Baked apple with vanilla ice scoop with meringue 16,00 zł
Chocolate souffle with raspberry mousse and mint ice cream 19,00 zł

More detailes:
tel.: +48 18 26 37 020

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